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Diabolus Infinitus...Orsus

Introduction: Welcome to Diablous Infinitus...Orsus. I am Magistra Dragon and this is my sanction. We are a sanction of the Satanic Kindred Organization and we are based in the state of Missouri. If you wish to know more about our parent organization and much more Satanic info, just visit the link above. We are just one of the many sanctions of the S.K.O throughout the world which promote Satanic unification. Our goal is to provide a forum in which all Satanists can share their ideas and thoughts. For together everyone achieves more...And we are stronger in numbers. In order to gain respect, we must learn to not fight amongst each other. For  there is much that we can learn from each other and good communication is what can make us a strong force Each of us is an individual and that should always be respected. For within Satanism, we are all individuals who believe as they see fit. But there is some things that must be respected. The laws which govern the universe. The ballance of both "light" and "dark". We must respect them for what they are. For there is no love without hate, no life without death, and so on. Mankind had always had the power to either create or destroy. This has been proven time and time again. It is up to each of us to know the difference and to act accordingly. Satanists never give their power away without good cause. Unlike most religions which tell you that you must give everything that you have. All those religions will give you in return is empty promises and will drain of your energy. They will also tell you that you have no control of your life. I say this because you end up giving up all control to some unseen force. Why don't you  take control? Because you have been told that you have no power? That it is meant to be and there is nothing that you can do about it? Well, let me tell you that is a lie... We must take back our power over our lives and through Satanism we can. As Satanists, we must educate others about our religion. So that we may put an end to the "discrimination" and "stereotyping" which society has placed upon Satanists. It is time that Satanists get the respect which they deserve. So, let's come together and as a whole and make those people know. That we are proud of who we are...

Magistra Dragon

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