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Diabolus Infinitus...Orsus member application


Apply To Be A Member!

So You want to be a member of Diabolus Infinitus...Orsus an official Sanction of the Satanic Kindred Organization eh? Rules are simple. NO PORN SITES!!! And you must be a resident of the state of Missouri

Please make sure that you fill out "all" of the form fields below! Please read the disclaimer below.

I hereby state that the members of/and Diabolus Infinitus...Orsus are not
liable for any damages, inconvenience, or problems
resulting from posting/adding my email address. I have been informed of
any possible risks, and am voluntarily joining the Diabolus Infinitus...Orsus
free service of my own free will. I understand that it may take days
for my subscrition to be approved, and that my subscription may be
rejected. I understand that Diabolus Infinitus...Orsus does not endorse or
solicit sex in any way shape or form. Diabolus Infinitus...Orsus is not
responsable for those who lie about their age or parental consent to
join Diabolus Infinitus...Orsus. By agreeing to this, we at
Diabolus Infinitus...Orsus are not responsable for ANYTHING, not even as much as
a headache!

Date of birth:
Sex (m/f):
What church do you belong to?
How long have you considered your-
self a satanist?
Have you ever hurt in the name of
Who is Dr. Anton Szandor LaVey?
Do you know any other satanists?
If so, how many?
Do you belong to any organization's?
(ex. lucifers den, Satanic Brethren)
Are you willing to be open minded to the
views of other satanic groups?
Have you heard of CoS?
If so, what does it stand for?
Have you heard of FCoS?
If so, what does it stand for?
Who founded the CoS?
Who founded the FCoS?
In 5 short sentances, explain what
Satanism means to you.
What would you like to see done for
the satanic community?
What kind of music do you listen to?
Have you ever been abused by
anyone? (optional)
Do you prefer male or female partners?
What should their role as a spouse
or mate be?
What is your opinion on sexual/ritual
Have you tortured any animals?
Do you have any pets?
Are you married, widowed or having fun?
Who wrote The Satanic Bible?
And for what reason?
If you are under the age of 18, do your
parents know about your religion?
Do they agree with it, and allow you to
continue to learn?
Do you have an idol?
(Satan does not apply here)
Do you have an understaning of the
christian bible?
Explain to me in 5 short sentances, what
a smart person consists of.
Do you smoke, do drugs or drink
alcohol? if so how much?
What are your views, in 5 short
sentances on violence in todays society?
What is your wieght?
Do you feel depressed?
What makes you happy?
Do you have a job, If so, what do you do?
What is needed when performing a satanic
Write one of the 9 satanic statements, then in your own words, write what it means to you!
Which demon brought you here?:
Why do you want to be a member?:
Explain in detail.
Your E-mail address
Your URL address





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